Pure Clean Water

The Human Body is Organic and made up of  trillions of cells, and every cell is a separate organism and a living being that needs a clean environment. As the fish in the contaminated aquarium could not survive for a long time, same effect in the inter cellular fluids. If the environment is clean, a cell gives birth to other healthy cells. To keep the body clean we must drink pure clean water.

What is Pure Clean Water?

The molecular formula of pure clean water water is H2O. This means it does not contain any dissolved solids, inorganic minerals or impurities. Many people such water refers as dead, so I immediately want to make this clear – water must be PURE and CLEAN, not ALIVE or DEAD. We are ALIVE and when we drink PURE CLEAN WATER, it becomes ALIVE inside us. Dissolved solids, inorganic minerals and impurities in water are only suitable for PLANTS that process them into organic minerals which are suitable for us to consume. Human body is organic and it is able to absorb only organic minerals through plants, and pure clean water will carry and place them where they are most needed.

H2O + Minerals

If you drink H2O + minerals, the body gets polluted by these salts-limes. Do you know why hair starts to gray? Because these salts-limes clog the narrowest passageways of the body through which organic minerals are supplied and make appropriate hair color. To imagine how it looks like, it is enough for us to look at kettles, where tap water was boiled. Dandruff or dryness of the skin is a sign of limes. By the way, inorganic minerals in the body react with the 4G-5G electromagnetic radiation waves. If you do not want to experience, or if you already experiencing the effects of this type radiation, start to drink pure clean water.

Pure Clean Water

Want to know what unclogs and wash them out of the body? Well, it is PURE CLEAN WATER! Why? Because of its softness which unloosens and collects all those limes, inorganic minerals and impurities and washes them out, because they are completely unnecessary for our organic body. From this there is a widely spread myth that distilled water wash the minerals out of body, but it is too far from it. By the way, distilled water is not yet completely pure and clean, but its dissolved solids level does not exceed the norm – 0.06 ppm, so it is semi-clean. Remember for your entire life that limes are pollution number ONE. Do you want to be a lime kettle? Or do you want to feel the power of PURE CLEAN WATER?

“Only a lunatic will drink unsterilized water” – Nikola Tesla, when asked about his predictions for the next 100 years in an article appearing in Liberty magazine, February 9th, 1935

How to get Pure Clean Water?

To produce pure clean water is a long and lots of energy demanding process. First of all, the water must be distilled with a distiller. The distillation process naturally takes place in nature, and, as we see, the rain water did not wash the minerals out of animals. In order to clean up the remaining impurities we must pass water through the appropriate filter. In this case, I recommend ZeroWater filter, which recently appeared on the market and surpassed Brita’s filter. Zero Water cleans not only remaining solids, but also reaches NANO level impurities, which is one the most important thing to do. So here it is, PURE CLEAN WATER which makes us CLEAN.

From my 4 years of pure clean water consumption, I boldly say that PURE CLEAN WATER is the biggest secret which is hidden from us so that we would be dehydrated, limed and dirty from inside. Someone enjoys confusing us constantly with information, to see us naive and unconscious. However, those times are over so lets move forward CLEAN into the Golden Age.